Digital Experience Services Help a Home Repair Group of Companies to Boost Sales by 20%

Business Need

The consumer services group is a roll-up of multiple HVAC, electrical, and plumbing companies across the USA. Each brand goes to market under its own brand and sells individual services based on its location. Each brand was also paying for and supporting a unique set of digital tools across content management, marketing automation, and e-commerce.

  • There was no consistency of platforms and most lacked modern marketing tools across experience management, personalization, and measurement.
  • Inconsistent digital experiences caused the customer experience to range from moderate to poor.
  • There were limited digital skills across the organization. Each brand relied on the individual strength and experience of one or two people per brand.
  • There was no sharing of assets, campaign successes, and experience best practices.
  • The CMO had no insight into marketing performance across the portfolio of brands.
  • The CIO had to manage and support multiple tools and integrations, using multiple development languages, environments, and staffing.


With customer expectations constantly increasing, there was a pressing need to build and deliver a fully digital experience. This was also critical as the group was facing extreme competitive pressure from digital-savvy companies who were eroding their market share.