ESG How Organizations Drive Employee Empowerment and Business Results with Leading

All organizations have had to accelerate their digital workforce strategies to survive global disruption. But change is a constant, as is the need for organizations to continuously optimize their teams’ productivity. Whether adapting to current and future employees’ work preferences, ensuring a resilient workforce strategy that is adaptable to future changes, or attempting to differentiate themselves to win the war for customers and talent, organizations must continue to focus on delivering a modern user experience to employees.

In this hyper-distributed world, the future belongs to innovators equipped to adapt and thrive wherever new opportunities are. Work is no longer tied to location, as the delivery of fluid, hybrid experiences has gone from a luxury to essential to maintain operations and now is the new normal expected among workers. People need to be confident and productive working from anywhere. Delivering a modern user experience is essential to enable the borderless innovation and collaboration that will build your organization’s next breakthrough.

While these truths would seem to be self-evident, strategists often need help building the business case for new digital work initiatives. The goal of this research paper is to provide the help needed by quantifying differences in IT operations performance, employee engagement, and business outcomes that correlate to differing levels of digital work technology maturity. This research sets out to prove that the processes, technologies, and investments organizations make have an impact across all these metrics.