How the way we work will change the Office of the Future

History is littered with transitional moments which changed the way we live, work and behave. In the past few decades, the introduction of personal technology and the dawn of the internet have completely reshaped our view of the workplace. But another dramatic and seismic shift is now underway–the age of hybrid work is here.

As we gaze over the edge of this inflection point, we see an opportunity to redefine productivity, collaboration and professional meaning. Organizations today have an enormous opportunity to embrace emerging technologies, design innovations, and social trends, and to completely redefine the individual’s role in physical spaces at work.

The shift towards hybrid work is about more than practicalities like convenience and cost efficiency. Employees, managers, and executives alike are now re-imagining not just how and when they work, but the intrinsic meaning of work itself. And with that comes a deeper examination of how the physical surroundings of an office space can and should evolve.