How to achieve a 3X ROI with Slack

Love it or hate it, remote work has become a major part of the business landscape in the past year, and it’s not going anywhere. Over 80%* of business leaders surveyed by Gartner plan to have at least a partially-remote workforce moving forward. (*Gartner)

 That puts the pressure on chief information officers (CIOs) to solve not only the technical problems of the company—security, compliance, efficiency—but also the human problems that face a distributed workforce. Our new remote reality makes collaboration tools more important than ever before. These tools are the employee experience now, and affect everything from culture and employee engagement to operating costs and customer loyalty.

That’s why 58% of CIOs cite implementing digital collaboration and workplace tools as one of their top 5 priorities* for 2020. (*COVID-19 CIO Pulse Survey,PwC)

This is where digital transformation comes in—for many IT leaders, the traditional tools just aren’t working anymore.