Lanes Group plc improves safety and makes annual savings of over 300K thanks to Samsaras real- time insights

A commitment to service, safety and excellence

Lanes Group plc is the leading wastewater utility solutions provider and largest independent drainage specialist in the UK. The company offers vital services from drain unblocking and CCTV surveys to bulk waste removal and clean water maintenance for businesses and households across the UK and Eire. Starting out as an independent drainage company in Leeds in northern England, Lanes Group plc now employs over 4,000 people and boasts a turnover in excess of £430 million. Yet they remain just as committed to their operational cornerstones: product innovation, customer service, and the health, safety and well-being of their people and the public.

Supporting drivers to work safely

With a large and growing fleet, Lanes Group plc wanted to double down on safety and reduce the number of road incidents that were occurring. At the time, they had limited visibility of driver behaviour meaning that they couldn’t gather the insights they needed to strengthen safety practices across the workforce. What’s more, the data that they could access from previous safety technology was complicated to manage and analyse.

Lanes Group plc needed a smart solution that would help drivers focus their attention on their behaviour when out on a shift, while also allowing teams back at HQ to study patterns and use that to inform driver safety coaching.