Reimagine the Employee Experience: A Guide for Public Sector Organizations

Much like companies large and small, the public sector has experienced tumultuous changes in the workforce, contending with unforeseen difficulties that included pandemic-induced work from home, illnesses, retirements, resignations, and increasing threats of cyber intrusions from nefarious actors.

 And yet, as we define the above landscape that is now the established “new normal,” we know organizations will continue to face employee engagement and retention challenges, including the recently coined “Great Resignation,”[1] used to describe the increasing trend of resignations as more people quit their current employment or seek early retirement.

The impending cliff of resignations presents a potential crisis for a workforce that already faced a significant retirement wave before the pandemic!

 The race for talent has only just begun; with an increasing number of open positions, government executives will face unprecedented pressure to attract candidates to the workforce. So, how do you appeal to and retain a candidate that is in high demand, in a competitive market, with limited resources and governmental constraints?