Sustainable Devices for Positive Impact

“The time to act on climate change is now.”

 With global warming increasing temperatures at an accelerated rate, that message, from the United Nations, couldn’t be any clearer.1 Individuals and entire organizations, consumers and governments, corporations and business leaders—everyone needs to find a way to come together and commit to environmental sustainability.

But what does sustainability actually look like? What can a person or an organization do today to truly make a difference when it comes to climate action?

We’ve asked these questions ourselves at Dell Technologies, and decided the answer lies in driving innovation while holding ourselves truly accountable for our own impact.

For us, sustainability means developing technology solutions in ethically and environmentally responsible ways. It also means working with our partners and customers to help them achieve their own sustainability goals.

Our technology and solutions are designed to reduce waste, energy use and emissions, helping our customers drive positive solutions to operate efficiently and effectively. In this eBook, we’ll explain how we’ve made climate action central to our own path forward by developing products with sustainability built in. And we’ll explain why this should matter to you as you push for sustainability in your organization.