Transform your customer service with real-time- white-glove support

These days, when deciding what company to choose—and stick with—customers expect a lot. In Salesforce’s “State of the Connected Customer” report, 60% of service professionals say expectations increased during the pandemic, 48% of customers say they switch brands for better customer service, and 94% say good customer service makes them more likely to make another purchase.

In addition to meeting elevated customer expectations, key business objectives are shifting to reflect a focus on efficiency, cost savings, and doing more with less. For service teams, the modern world’s omnichannel approach results in an increased number of more complex cases at any given point—along with customers who are harder to please.

But many companies treat all customers the same way, unequipped to prioritize their issues. Without clear avenues to share critical feedback and help companies better solve their needs, customer satisfaction plummets. The lack of personalized service, especially for key customers, partners and vendors, leads them to take their business elsewhere.