2023 Threat Roundup Report: Trends in Cyberattacks, Exploits, and Malware

Original Publish Date: January 23, 2024
Our inaugural 2022 threat roundup report started by observing that “the year 2022 was eventful for cybersecurity.” As you can imagine, 2023 was no less eventful. Some of the key events included ongoing conflicts and the appearance of new ones, the emergence of critical vulnerabilities being mass exploited and the ever-increasing threat of cybercrime.

In our 2023 Global Threat Roundup report, we look back at all our data about attacks and the threat landscape of 2023 to share with organizations tactical insights and strategic recommendations for improved defense.

Excerpted below are our key findings and related insights for defenders. For a detailed analysis of the attacks, exploits, malware and threat actors observed in 2023, read the full report.