The Benefits of Network Monitoring for Industrial Digitalization

Industrial Digitalization:

Today, manufacturing is powered by thousands of connected devices, massive computing power and artificial intelligence. These advances enable manufacturers to adopt flexible, built-to-order production methodologies that include automated workflows and real-time performance monitoring. Together they improve efficiency, reduce errors and cut costs, but with these benefits comes increased cyber risk.

 Industrial digitalization is characterized by the integration of computation, networking and physical processes, which bring clear business advantages. It has also led to highly complex, heterogeneous manufacturing networks due to the convergence of enterprise and manufacturing assets and increased use of Internet of Things (IoT) devices. As a result, manufacturers are operating with increased cybersecurity and operational risk that can lead to downtime if they are not top-of-mind in a holistic cybersecurity and digital transformation strategy.

Today, industrial asset owners have little to no visibility into existing industrial threats and vulnerabilities, and therefore no way to anticipate, analyze and respond to incidents. Providing visibility into industrial networks is the first step to gain full control of the environment. This white paper shows how network monitoring and automating cybersecurity in manufacturing networks brings tremendous value to information technology (IT) and operational technology (OT) teams.