Harness Increased Performance, Efficiency, and Lower TCO with Dell PowerEdge Powered by AMD

Executive Summary

Forrester Consulting reports that data centers that refresh their servers at least every three years can gain technological and business benefits compared to data centers that do not.1 These benefits manifest themselves through higher performance, increased efficiency, and better security. Prowess Consulting investigated these benefits further by examining results from industry-standard benchmarks and environmental ratings. Based on our research, we concur with the Forrester Consulting opinion that the benefits of a server refresh can easily outweigh the costs.

If you are still wondering whether it’s time to refresh your servers, you can use this study to help you decide. We examined the effects of upgrading legacy servers running on x86-based processors that are more than three years old to Dell PowerEdge servers powered by 4th Generation AMD EPYC processors. Examples of the kinds of benefits we uncovered in the course of our investigation include:

  • Up to 232% higher performance per watt2
  • Up to 48% lower processor cost3
  • Up to 40% lower software licensing costs through 5:1 server consolidation