Cyber-Resilient Infrastructure starts with Server Security

In the digital-first era, firms employ a technology-based business strategy that underpins all aspects of their business, be it the way they engage with customers or the way they operate their business. This technology strategy enables firms to reinvent themselves, create or extend their market differentiation, and future-proof their business. Businesses that embark on digital transformation initiatives glean rich insights from data, which itself is considered the lifeblood of the digital economy. These insights enable businesses to make faster and more informed decisions, to create competitive advantage through new products and services, to improve customer experience, and to increase operational efficiencies. A modern IT infrastructure serves as the foundation upon which businesses can ensure the timely use of data.

In any IT infrastructure — especially one that supports digital transformation for firms not born in the digital age — legacy systems and dated operating models are pervasive and challenging to maintain. Approaches to security are often pieced together. Such systems can hinder strategic transformation initiatives and objectives.