Maximising Power Efficiency with Dell Optimizer

Finding the optimal balance between performance and power efficiency is key in getting the best from your hardware. By allowing you to customise your PC’s thermal management settings, Dell Optimizer with the help of Intel® Energy Performance Optimizer, running on 12th Gen Intel® Core™processors, can ensure you better runtime efficiency in performance per watt for your workload.

Dell Optimizer with the latest Intel® Core™ processors is an AI-based optimisation software that learns and responds to the way you work, automatically improving application and device performance, PC and accessory battery run-time, audio and video settings, and privacy – all in the background while you’re working. The software with the help of Intel® Energy Performance Optimizer, can help push PC performance to the edge of the system’s thermal limits, while configurable CPU and GPU power settings dynamically adjust to provide customised performance.

Dell Optimizer offers four thermal management settings that users can choose, each directly affecting power efficiency: