Remarkable energy starts at the edge

Sustainability in an energy-hungry world

The history of the second half of the 21st century will be written before the first half is complete. To mitigate the worst effects of climate change, the world needs to achieve net zero by 2050.

 At Dell Technologies, we’re committed to sourcing 100% renewable energy across all of our facilities by 2040. Further, we believe we can help advance a remarkable revolution in energy sustainability. The energy sector currently generates 75% of global greenhouse gases*, and demand for energy continues to increase. Over the next 8 years, 1 billion more people will become significant energy users, mostly in developing countries seeking the most affordable sources of energy.

 Fossil fuels have recently assumed great geopolitical significance, with global crises driving countries to focus on energy security. In the short term, this may increase reliance on national hydrocarbon reserves. The only sustainable long-term strategy is to dramatically raise the share of renewable energy sources in the overall mix.

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