Uplevel your enterprise remote support: The complete guide

The digital workplace is transforming. Is your remote support strategy keeping pace?

The workplace has undergone massive changes in recent years, with companies adopting cloud technologies at record rates, shifting to remote or hybrid work environments, and creating digital workplaces to improve the employee experience (EX). This transition has elevated the importance of getting the digital workplace right, with many IT organizations repositioning themselves to support improved business outcomes. In fact, 77% of digital workers report an IT specialist partner within their business unit, which helps to ensure the needs and goals of the team are being considered and met when it comes to their technology.

However, Gartner data shows that 60% of digital workplaces are still modernizing their infrastructure and only a few have achieved a satisfactory digital EX.

So, what’s standing in the way? IT teams must overcome four primary pain points to provide the high-quality, on-demand remote support businesses need – and users expect today