Always on. Always reliable.

Retain your control

In recent years, the rapid digital shift has increased systems and data that organizations rely on, creating more opportunities for cybercriminals to target.

To make sure that your organization’s protection is at its best, the focus should be on guaranteeing that your data remains available and accessible even during unexpected disruptions.

While many companies offer scalable protection options, what sets Hitachi Vantara apart is our vigilant monitoring, efficient backup and recovery processes, multiple layers of strong resilience, and cutting-edge support.

Defense of your data

A comprehensive suite of cyber security solutions provides best-in-class defense against possible ransomware attacks. Hitachi Vantara’s integrated approach to securing your data puts multiple layers of protection between your systems and the criminals attempting to infiltrate them.

Utilize any or all of our solutions for optimal data protection, for the following outcomes:

Meet your recovery needs

Rapid recovery from large-scale data loss continues to be a key driver for clients considering updating or replacing existing backup and recovery platforms. Immutable storage for data, snapshots and digital twins prevents the overwriting of data, so you always have a previous version with which to recover

Ensure broad support for diverse data protection

Solid data protection requires backup applications that support workloads deployed on-premises, in the cloud or in SaaS applications. Choose a solution that is compatible with existing investment in data protection software, so you don’t have to rip and replace existing technologies and processes.