World-Record Performance for AI and ML

Executive Summary

Organizations from a wide array of industries depend on artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to forecast sales, segment their customer bases, identify risks, manage complex supply networks, optimize costs, and improve efficiencies. However they are applied, all AI and ML use cases depend on compute performance (in addition to the speed and quantity of memory and the bandwidth of interconnects and networking). And due to the nature of the data companies use for activities like predictive customer analytics or fraud detection, security is often just as critical.

Because of the performance needs of AI and ML, the infrastructure from compute, local memory, network bandwidth, and data storage to support these workloads can represent a significant investment, which drives the need for rigorous evaluation before purchase. Industry-standard benchmarks can be good for this—and world records can be even better—if they are evaluated in the right way.

Companies need to rapidly ingest, store, and process their data. These benchmarks can provide insights into how quickly data can be collected, processed, and accessed once stored. In order to investigate the relationship between high benchmark performance and potential business value in the real world, Prowess Consulting dug deeper into what strong showings in industry benchmarks can mean for businesses deploying world-record servers. Because of its outsized market share and the number of world records Dell Technologies holds in AI and ML scenarios, represented by industry-recognized benchmarks, Prowess specifically looked at Dell™ PowerEdge™ servers